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Free trial

All new users are offered a free trial of our services for a duration of 30 days, allowing you to explore and integrate with our platform without any commitment.

Upon creating your account, you will automatically be enrolled in the Smart plan, providing access to all services included in this plan.


Your free trial period will last for 30 days from the moment your account is created. Please note that certain promotional offers may extend this duration, providing you with even more time to experience our services. You can also request an extension to the trial period by contacting our team.

Usage Limitations

During the free trial, your account will be subject to the usage limits outlined in the Smart plan. Unlike paid subscriptions, users cannot exceed the usage limits set by this plan nor manage their spending limits during this period.

Upgrading from the free trial

If you wish to unlock additional features or resources beyond those offered in the free trial, you have the option to upgrade to any of our paid plans at any time by following the instructions on "Upgrade or downgrade subscription".

It's important to note that any resources created during the trial period, such as keys or data storage, will be retained after upgrading your plan.

When trial ends

If your trial ends without upgrading to a paid plan, your account will be automatically disabled. However, any resources created during the free trial period will be preserved for a period of 3 months, although they will not be accessible during this time.