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Check your invoices

In the BLOOCK platform the customer will be able to access and view the customer's invoices history from all previous cycles.

Expand the Billing and plans section of the side menu. And click on Invoices. First you will find the next invoice that will be charged on the day of subscription renewal.

1- Check invoices

By scrolling to the bottom of the page you will see a list of all paid invoices. Each time a new invoice is paid, it will appear in this list. You have the option to download the invoices in PDF format by clicking on the Download PDF button.

2- Check invoices

Your billing cycle

You can pay for your account's subscription and other paid features and products on a monthly or yearly billing cycle.

Subscription Period (monthly or annual)

The Subscription Period is the time that will take before reaching the end of the subscription. The Subscription Period will coincide with the billing and invoicing. There are 2 period times available: Calendar monthly and Calendar annually. Subscription starting on a date other than the first day of every calendar month or calendar year shall start billings on that start day as applicable.

The advantage of the monthly option is the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, while in the annual option you can offset the volume from one month to the volume of the following months into the annual subscription period.

Subscription cycle

The subscription cycle starts on the date when the purchase is triggered and finishes after the length of the period of the contracted plan.

For example, if you have a monthly period subscription that starts on August 10th 2021, your payment cycle will finish on September 10th 2021. With the same logic, if you have purchased an annual subscription on May 23rd 2021, the payment cycle will end on May 23rd 2022.


The subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the subscription cycle unless the Customer early cancels the subscription renewal.

Billing threshold on annual plans

Earlier we described what overage is. The annual plans have a defined threshold in the overage. This means that when a user has a total overage (adding the overage price of all contracted products) higher than the threshold of 50€ then an invoice is automatically charged with all the overage consumed.

As we have specified, this rule only applies to annual plans, in order to have a safe control over the overage that a subscription with annual recurrence may have.