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🚀 New version of the Certifier tool available! See demo.

Digital notarization

Obtain undeniable proof of your data integrity and existence, safeguarded in an unalterable, timeless record.

Digital notarizationDigital notarization

Key management

Digitally sign smoothly from any device maintaining utmost security and control of your key materials.

Key managementKey management

Resilient datastorage

Guarantee your information remains accesible to any authorized party under any circumstance.

Resilient datastorageResilient datastorage

Digital identity (Beta)

Provision privacy-first digital identities to enable secure and verifiable cross-platform authentications.

Digital identityDigital identity
SDK Documentation

Build the way you want in the language you want!

Core SDK

Every BLOOCK product in a all in one SDK so you can build faster.


Build even faster with our prebuilt and self-hosted components.

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