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Choose your BLOOCK plan



45€ / monthly 100 records 0.25GB hosting 0.5GB download 1000 requests 1 key management 100 key operations


150€ / monthly 500 records 0.5GB hosting 1GB download. 3000 requests 2 key management 500 key operations


600€ / monthly 2500 records 1GB hosting 2GB download. 13000 requests 10 key management 2500 key operation



486€ / monthly

1200 records 0.25GB hosting 6GB download 1000 requests 1 key management 1200 key operation Smart 1620€ / monthly 6000 records 0.5GB hosting 12GB download 36000 requests 2 key management 6000 key operation


600€ / monthly 30000 records 1GB hosting 24GB download 156000 requests 10 key management 30000 key operation


If you subscribe to an annual plan you get a 10% discount.

What are the records, requests, hosting and download values?

Are what we call plan-included usage. They are the amount you can use for each of the BLOOCK products for which you will not be charged extra. If you exceed these limits, then this is what we call overage. In all BLOOCK plans, you have a plan-included usage for each of our main products (Decentralized Timestamping, Digital Identity, Managed Keys, Decentralized Storage) and Infrastructure cost. The Basic plan is the plan that includes the least usage of the products, while the Production plan includes the most usage. The usage limits included in the monthly plans are renewed every month. While those belonging to annual plans are renewed every year.