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BLOOCK offers paid plans for every account. You can upgrade or downgrade your account's subscription and manage your billing settings at any time. You can also view usage and manage spending limits.

BLOOCK is a prepaid service that offers different products. Currently, there are four products: Decentralized Timestamping, Digital Identity, Managed Keys, and Decentralized Storage (detailed below). These products are grouped from a plan or subscription in BLOOCK, and we have different types depending on the usage the customer will need. Basic, Smart and Production are our three main plans or subscriptions. You can also choose from monthly or annual subscription cycles.

BLOOCK accepts payments in EUR euros now. It is important to be clear about these concepts that will be used throughout the documentation.

Plan or subscription.

A plan or subscription is the minimum unit that a user must purchase to start using BLOOCK. It currently consists of 4 different products Decentralized Timestamping, Digital Identity, Managed Keys, and Decentralized Storage.

Fixed License Price

All plans have a fixed license price. This price includes the usage limits of the different products included in the plan (Decentralized Timestamping, Digital Identity, Managed Keys, and Decentralized Storage.). It is important to note that even if you have these limits included, the user can exceed them, which is called overage.


The overage is the extra quantity of usage consumed exceeding the amount limit of a certain product in the plan. Every plan has an overage price per product.


For example, if your plan "Decentralized Timestamping" product covers 500 records and your consumption at the end of the month has been 600, the overage is 100 (600-500). The overage consumed (100) will be added to the following month's invoice together with the new month plan.