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Create Holder

This function allows you to create a holder from a Baby JubJub key and a specific method did.

It is recommended that your holders use the available wallets (wallets by default already create your did, manage did recovery, manage credentials...), this function is intended to simulate the creation of a holder to test your integration.

Therefore, we recommend that the Baby JubJub key be a Local one, to be free of charge.


import { Bloock, KeyClient, IdentityClient, KeyType, DidMethod, Key } from '@bloock/sdk';

try {
// we set the API key and create a client
Bloock.setApiKey(process.env['API_KEY'] || "");
// we set de identity managed API host you have deployed
Bloock.setIdentityApiHost(process.env['IDENTITY_MANAGED_API_HOST'] || "");

// initialize the Key Client
const keyClient = new KeyClient();
// initialize the IdentityClient
const identityClient = new IdentityClient();

// create the Baby JubJub local key
const localKey = await keyClient.newLocalKey(KeyType.Bjj);

// we create the holder, passing the Baby JubJub key and holder did method
const holderKey = new Key(localKey)
const hodlerDidMethod = DidMethod.PolygonID

const holder = await identityClient.createHolder(holderKey, hodlerDidMethod)

console.log(holder.did.did) // will print the Holder DID public identifier. Ex: did:polygonid:polygon:main:2qCU58EJgrELSJT6EzT27Rw9DhvwamAdbMLpePztYq
console.log(holder.did.didMethod) // will return the DID method we chosed. Ex: identity.PolygonID
console.log(holder.key) // will return the Key BJJ object associated to the Holder.

} catch (e) {