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Send data

Once you have your data prepared, you can send it to BLOOCK so it can be certified using our protocol.

When you send a new record to BLOOCK, it's queued internally and assigned to an Anchor. Once this Anchor is processed and transacted into the blockchain, the record gets certified and you will be able to verify it.


The certification of a record may take some time to be confirmed. In order to manage this time interval, see Synchronization.


Here's a code example on how to send a set of Records to BLOOCK:

import { Bloock, IntegrityClient, RecordClient } from '@bloock/sdk';

try {
// we set the API key and create a client
const integrityClient = new IntegrityClient();
const recordClient = new RecordClient();

// we create an array of strings which will contain
// the hashes of the records we want to send
const record = await recordClient.fromString('Hello world').build();
const records = [record];

// finally we can send the records
const sendReceipts = await integrityClient.sendRecords(records);

// we get a receipt with informationa about the transaction
} catch (e) {