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Networks supported

BLOOCK's protocol allows for interoperability between different blockchain networks, meaning that anchors processed by our system gets transacted in multiple chains so you are able to verify your data in any of them.

This allows for different benefits for our customers such as:

  • Resilience in front of changes in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Ability to select which network you want to verify from
  • Interoperability with your stakeholders working with different networks
  • Adaptability for different certification processing intervals

We transact to each network in different intervals. This is because of two reasons: the chain's block interval and the transaction cost.


Here is a list of blockchain we integrate with and the the approximate transaction intervals:

NetworkContract AddressInterval
Ethereum522b2040CdfD247ED60921623044dF1c929524B7~24 hours
Gnosis ChainEc6Ab24a61162C22eD1663F384c94032774ACCb2~2 minute
Polygon PoS1dfc7ab4db66f4eA53dADE6AD22C061c61dc441c~5 minute