Create an API Key

Test API Key

In order to connect to the test environment maintained by BLOOCK you need a test API key. In our management system in Developers > API keys you can create an API key and start testing.
To create an API key you have to set:
  • A name
  • An expiration date
  • The scopes
Once created you'll need to save the token because for security reasons BLOOCK doesn't store the tokens.
Then the created API key will appear in the Test API keys list.

Live API key

If you want to start recording data in the blockchain you'll need a live API key. You'll able to create them with a Basic, Smart or Production plan. You can update your subscription in the home page by clicking "Upgrade plan".
The process for creating a live API key is the same as you followed when you created the test one. The moment you have a subscription plan selected (Basic, Smart or Production) it will generate a production environment API key.