1. Create an account

The first step for using BLOOCK is to create an account.
For that you will need to create yours through Splunk marketplace. Look for BLOOCK and sign up.
Once created you will need to verify your account and just after that you will be able to select your plan and start enjoying BLOOCK.

2. Activate your account

The activation process takes 3 steps:
  • Plan selection
  • Business and payment information
  • Summary
The first step is to select the plan that best fits your needs.
Then you need to provide your payment and business information.
Finally there's a summary for you to review whether your information is correct before proceeding to the purchase.
And that's it, your license will be created and you'll be able to enjoy BLOOCK with Splunk.

3. Check your license

On the management web you can find a license section where you'll be able to check your license information.

4. Send and verify records in our test or production environment

To send and verify records through Splunk, please review the documentation related to the App in the following link

5. Check your performance in the blockchain dashboard

In the Blockchain section you can find a dashboard with records and verifications performance charts.