Data availability in the context of cybersecurity refers to the ability of authorized users to access and use data when they need it. This means that the data must be available and accessible to legitimate users while being protected from unauthorized access or modification.
In cybersecurity, data availability is an important aspect of information security, along with data confidentiality and data integrity. Ensuring that data is available to authorized users means that they can perform their tasks and make informed decisions in a timely manner. Data unavailability due to cyberattacks or other events can cause significant disruptions to business operations.
At BLOOCK, we enable to upload your data/documents into a hosted or decentralized storage system so you don't have to worry about managing another database, blob storage or filesystem.
This section provides all the information needed to understand and integrate with BLOOCK's availability solutions.

What is data availability?

Data availability is the fact that a certain information is available at any time to be retrieved. This is specially important when in trustless context because all the allowed parties should be able to retrieve some information and validate it.